Energy storage without investment? Rent now!

This is why…

Mc energy consists of a specialist team with a large network and versatile background in electrical engineering. We see a need that has yet to arise, but the process of storing surplus energy appears difficult and difficult to predict the required capacity. We understand that and have translated this into rentable energy storage, which is also unique and modular. After years of research, development and extensive testing, we are proud to present to you the only solution that can really be tailored to your needs. We believe in an easy to understand and easy to use solution and our energy storage system is our answer. So why invest expensive if you can rent from us?

“Energy storage must be accessible and affordable for everyone. Moreover, we offer the possibility of flexible purchasing, always, everywhere and especially really easy. ” 



We offer flexible capacity from 50 KwH. Through our plug and play system is easy to rent capacity. By standardized building we keep the price low.


Need extra capacity without a power failure? The Gridconn and Battery Packs are scalable without losing reliability.

No investment

Pay according to use. The capacity can be increased or decreased using our battery modules. Hire the right capacity and never pay too much.

Easy to use

We like simple. You always receive a customized solution so that you understand what you are purchasing.

No maintenance

Our specialists have carefully drawn up a service plan to always have a working system.


We work with the safest batteries in the world according to the highest standards. Read more about Nilar

Let’s Talk About Your Project

Modular energy storage, simple and fast!

How does it work?

The energy market is all about flexibility, which is why we offer both small and large users a very attractive construction to use and trade in energy in the most effective way.

MC Energy Rental is number 1 expert in the rental of modular energy storage. Our unique system consists of at least two units.

The basic module is the Gridcon 100 KwH, which has all connections to connect to the grid. For specifications click here. The capacity can be increased or decreased with the help of our battery modules, the Battpacks. The battpacks are available from 50KwH per unit.  The system is easy to expand without a power failure and 100% safe. The Gridcon 250 KwH and battpack 250 kwH are also available on request if you immediately have a larger need.

Your project is in good hands. After we have received your request, our engineers and specialists will work out a customized solution for you. If you agree with our proposal and the quote, you are ready to start your own energy storage!

Example of applications:

Check out some possibilities.

Parking garages and charging points

The need for sustainability is growing explosively and the number of electric cars is increasing. Prepare your garage well for the changing car market and mobility of the future. Use Mc Energy to realize more charging points. The battery pack supplies the stored energy to charge faster than ever on a very controlled manner.

Festivals and Off Grid

You don’t have existing electricity on your festival and you still choose polluting generators? The risk of environmental damage due to fuel or oil leaks is high. Mc Energy has a clean and safe alternative based on a short lease!

Wind and Solar energy

What do you do with excess solar and wind energy? Use our modules smartly, for example as UPS (non-interruptible power supplies), at high peak loads, or when there is no sun or wind. Interested in peak shaving and trading? We guide you!