Parking garage

The need for making mobility more sustainable is increasing. More and more fully electric cars are coming. At parking places there is often not enough electrical capacity available. As a result, it is not possible to create more charging points. By buffering energy in the modules of Mc Energy, you can realize these charging points. Our modules store energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The battery pack can discharge the stored energy at the charging points quickly and in a controlled manner. This makes the system very suitable for the mobility of the future.


At many festival sites, there is no existing supply of electricity. Generators are often used to make electricity connections possible, with many detrimental risks. The risk of environmental damage due to fuel or oil leakage is high. Flue gas emissions, noise and stench are also disadvantages of generators. Mc Energy has a clean and safe alternative. The battery packs from Mc Energy can also be rented for the short term. Fully sustainable and reliable. Without emissions or environmental risk.

Wind and solar

Normally, excess solar and wind energy is supplied back to the energy grid. The smart MC Energy modules store this energy of solar panels or wind turbines, so that you can use that energy when it is needed. For example as a UPS (un-interruptable power supplies), at high peak loads, or when there is no sun or wind. If you do not use the stored energy yourself, you can sell it when the electricity price is highest. That way you make the highest profit.